What is the advantage of choosing IBT Battery

Your chosen supplier should be reliable and outperform its competitor. Our top priority is focus on meeting customer’s need and requirement. We commit our resource and expertise to reach this goal.

OEM/ODM Specilty

Our knowledgeable engineers are capable of designing SLA and VRLA batteries to meet your specifications for almost any applications.

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IBT BATTERY – A Leading Professional SLA/ VRLA Battery Manufacturer

IBT Battery is a leading manufacturer of OEM battery and Industrial battery. We specialized in manufacturing the highest quality of SLA and VRLA batteries for a wide range of applications and various industries. Our OEM battery and Industrial battery including UPS battery, Telecom battery, Solar battery, Gel battery, Deep Cycle batteries, PV battery (Photovoltaic solar power), Emergency Lighting battery, Electric Vehicles batteries, Medical Equipment battery, OPzS batteries, OPzV battery, AGM battery, Electric Wheel Chair battery, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Spiral VRLA batteries, Gel Tubular batteries and many more.



BT Series battery BT Series

General Series Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology

BT Series battery
HR Series HR Series

IBT HR(High-Rate) Series of valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries have been developed with high efficiency active

HR Series
S-JS Series S-JS Series

IBT's JS (Stationary) Series batteries utilizes thick grids of modern technology are adopted so as to

S-JS Series
HC Series HC Series

IBT HC Series batteries are designed for deep discharge application, with special chemical formula for plates

HC Series

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