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Patented Products

In response to 863 Plan of China, and to actualize sustainable development, IBT has achieved 4 patents of BT10-36EVX, BT12-36EVX, BT16-22EVX and BT17-22EVX which are used in Electric Power Vehicles.

IBT have granted 4 patents under Plan863 in China for BT10-36EVX, BT12-36EVX, BT16-22EVX, BT17-22EVX, which are designed to have a large amount of stored current discharged between charging sessions, with very heavy non-porous battery plates to withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycle (deep cycle battery). Theses deep cycle batteries use a different chemistry for the plates active paste material, and a slightly stronger electrolyte than normal battery electrolyte, which allows for a much longer life in deep cycle applications, such as Electric Vehicles battery, Electric Wheel Chair batteries, UPS batteries and golf car batteries.

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06/16/2009 -- 06/19/2009
Communic Asia, 2009 Singapore
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Consumer Electronics Moscow 2009
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