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Production Department


The majority of our employees are staffed in our production department. IBT has more than 1200 employees in the production department who work in high technology factories to produce our first class Industry battery products, including UPS battery, Telecom battery, Electric Vehicles battery, Deep Cycle batteries, PVs (Photovoltaic), Solar power battery, AGM battery, and emergency lighting batteries, etc.

IBT has set and maintained extremely high production standards and controls, and each and every one of our employees in our production department has been extensively trained. Our skilled and qualified employees follow specific guidelines for every industrial battery production and OEM process, which has led us to have a lower standard rejection rate than many of our competitors.

06/16/2009 -- 06/19/2009
Communic Asia, 2009 Singapore
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Consumer Electronics Moscow 2009
Superior Customer Service

We offer the best customer service you can find. Our staffs are very knowledgeable in SLA/ VRLA Battery industry.

Please call us at: +86-755-23991601 or via email: support@ibtbattery.com


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