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R & D Department


IBT takes pride in our research and development division which consists of more than 20 of our top employees, including five senior engineers, who have had over ten years of experience in the sealed lead acid (SLA) battery and VRLA batteries research.

Working side by side with the most current industry developments, we are able continue our growth in a leadership position in the battery industry. The dedication we have to obtain the most advanced technology from our R&D (Research and Development), will enable us to continue of the path of further expansion to uphold the advantage over our competition so that IBT will be able to meet current and future demand for much needed power supply by introducing newer up to date industrial battery products available.

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06/16/2009 -- 06/19/2009
Communic Asia, 2009 Singapore
04/13/2009 -- 04/16/2009
Consumer Electronics Moscow 2009
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We offer the best customer service you can find. Our staffs are very knowledgeable in SLA/ VRLA Battery industry.

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