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Testimonial 1:We are electric vehicle manufacturer for special design of electric wheel chair and gulf car required deep cycle and long lasting battery to power on. Over the years, IBT Battery had proved time and time again, that their products are very reliable and safe. IBT is a terrific partner to do business with and takes the up most pride in their products to delivery.

Testimonial 2:IBT Battery has very knowledgeable staffs from the R&D Dept. to the engineers to provide the final delivery of our products. No matter what the demand volume and complex design, IBT Battery was there to assist us.

As a solar power device manufacturer, high quality photovoltaic solar battery with different techniques requirement for various applications require our OEM battery partner with knowledgeable R&D team to develop and bring to market quick solutions. Our experience with IBT has been consistently positive. It is worth to mention that their knowledgeable staffs of real world professionals give the right advice on industry-related issues regarding customer satisfaction.

Testimonial 3:We are industrial battery distributor in US for telecom battery, UPS battery, electric vehicle battery, deep cycle battery, solar photovoltaic battery and many more. For years, we try to find a reliable manufacturer providing quality industrial battery products. Since 2003, IBT has assisted us with a multitude of services, from the initial planning and design, to manufacturing the final product and provide timely logistic for distribution. In regards to our companies needs, IBT brings an unsurpassed level of service to every situation, to see that our company receives a quality product to our customers.”

Testimonial 4:“IBT OEM battery team listens to the customers ever changing demands, by developing a cutting edge battery product which ensures long lasting service and durability from start to finish. As a telecommunication power solutions provider, our battery products require cutting edge technology for reliable performance for different telecom and communication equipment power backup. IBT OEM battery design team has met all of challenge of various solutions since 2004. We feel fortunate that we have such knowledgeable and reliable telecom and ups battery manufacturer as our oem partner providing all of solutions we need.

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Communic Asia, 2009 Singapore
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Consumer Electronics Moscow 2009
Superior Customer Service

We offer the best customer service you can find. Our staffs are very knowledgeable in SLA/ VRLA Battery industry.

Please call us at: +86-755-23991601 or via email: support@ibtbattery.com


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