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IBT OPzS series Acid-Proof Battery, a Flooded Tubular battery, is designed with tubular positive plates and flat negative plates. The dimension of this series and single cell design are similar to OPzV series. With up-to-dated technology and high quality material, this Acid-Proof battery can adopt high temperature, overcharge and proof against deep discharge. It can be used as UPS battery, Telecom battery, and Solar Photovoltaic battery, etc.

General Application

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Navigation Signal
  • Solar / Wind Systems
  • Security System
  • Power Plant
  • UPS
  • Telecommunications

General Features

  • Separator is combining porous ruber and porous PVC, more stable in the harsh condition.
  • Unique Tubular Positive plates and new formula for AM to prolong the service life. The design life is up to 20 years@20℃ (80% remaining capacity from C10)
  • acid-proof and explosion –proof stationary battery. It meets the DIN40736.
  • Ideal for cyclic uses
  • High quality and high reliability.
  • Low maintenance
  • Low density of Electrolyte to decrease the corrosion of the grids and achieve lower self disdischarge.
  • High integrity post seal design , also easy to connect.


  • Safety valve …..EPDR
  • Positive ……..Lead dioxide
  • Sealant ……..Epoxy Resin
  • Component ……Raw material
  • Negative ……..Lead
  • Terminal ……..Copper/Pb Alloy
  • Container ……..ABS
  • Cover ……..ABS
  • Electrolyte .......Sulfuric Acid Thixotropic Gel
  • Separator ........PVC-SiO2

Technical Specification

Metric system (mm/ kg) ; U.S. system (inch/pound)

Model Normal Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Length (inch) Width (inch) Height (inch) Total Height (inch) Weight (lb) Terminal Location/Type
06/16/2009 -- 06/19/2009
Communic Asia, 2009 Singapore
04/13/2009 -- 04/16/2009
Consumer Electronics Moscow 2009
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